Kostiantyn Antonenko / UX Designer at Wix.com
Kostia has been in the design field for 8 years. At Wix, he builds the payment service on the edge of two platforms.

In this talk, Kostia shares how the designer can make an impact in the payment services area. The domain that seemed to be the one that could not be designed. This will be followed by the real product example of how the massive UX research helped to fit product development into a tight release timeline.
Ruthy is one of the lead UX designers in DeviantArt, the largest artist platform in the world.
As part of her work on the platform, she specializes in the field of content, integrating machine learning based personalisation for users.
Three years ago, Wix acquired DeviantArt, a huge community for artists and art lovers. With million art works, this site is currently rated 170 in traffic out of all the websites in the world. The Platform was founded in 2000 and didn't change much from then on. So how do you take such a dinosaur product, 20 years old with an entire user community and get them onboard with changes? How do you bring the product to the year 2020? How to reveal the product's treasures, it's wonderful content that gets lost in a huge amount of information and makes it profitable?
Simonas Maciulis / UX Designer at Wix.com
Simonas has been in the design field for 9 years. At Wix, he builds the blogging platform. 

In his talk, Simonas shares insights of the importance of validation in the design process. Throughout his design career, he's seen a majority of design decisions being made by personal taste or gut feeling, ultimately translates to unmet user needs. He believes that the most important step in the design process is the ability to validate design decisions and measure their impact based on scientific research methods. 

He will explain in detail one of the methods - A/B testing and will show best practices used at Wix. 

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May 27th, 2020 / 20:00 / Zoom Webinar
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