Lital Tal / UX Designer at Wix.com
Creativity is often thought to be a process of creating something out of nothing, but the term hides a much deeper truth…There is no ‘nothing’.
We always build on existing blocks. Creativity, or being ‘creative’ is an evolving system and evolution is very much a process of iteration, creating something from previous ‘somethings’.
In this session, Lital will explore how understanding ‘creativity’ from this point of view can help you understand your approach to design and designing with systems as a way to unblock your creativity self.
Lital is a designer with a passion for systems. For the last 5 years, she has been building products and digital experiences in various companies by setting them up for success with scalable, methodical design systems. At Wix, Lital is a UX designer on the Design System Team. 
Oleg Milstein / Product&UX Designer at Microsoft Israel
Osnat Feitelson / Illustrator at Microsoft Israel
In their presentation, Oleg and Osnat will share a year-long process in which they created illustration guidelines for a large team of designers. They will go over a few of the challenges they faced on the way to creating a unique style, scalability, consistency, tooling, and documentation. 
There will be a live demonstration of the illustration process using tools created especially for this style.
Since 2006, Oleg has been coding websites, creating products, prototyping, designing applications, and illustrating for games, ad campaigns, brands, animation, magazines and children's books. He has also worked as a freelance advisor and art director for several startups. Currently, Oleg teaches Visual Communication at Shenkar College in Tel Aviv and works as a product/UX designer at Microsoft Israel.
Osnat has been a freelance illustrator since 2012. She co-founded, designed and illustrated the Tel Aviv fashion label Gelada. She recently worked as an illustrator for the new Natural History Museum in Tel Aviv and currently works as an illustrator at Microsoft Israel.
Noa Rotstein / UX Designer at DeviantArt
As designers, we have a lot of responsibility in creating products in a professional way. We need to have an efficient and coherent work process in order to be consistent. We need to stay creative while we follow rules. ​
In this session, Noa will talk about how using a design system within your product can not only save precious time and create a bridge between designers and developers, but also improve a product and maintain its creative look.
Noa joined Wix in January 2015 as a product designer for the ADI team. In the past year, she has transitioned towards UX design with an emphasis on system design. Noa is currently a UX designer on the DeviantArt Design System team.

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January 6th, 2020 / 07:00 PM / Dubnov St 8, Tel Aviv-Yafo
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