Emily Campos / Senior UX Designer at Wix.com

Emily has been on the Wix Promote team for three years, crafting products that help people grow their business, no matter the size or budget.


Facebook Ads by Wix was launched in 2019 to act as a smart campaign manager for running ads on Facebook and Instagram. Emily and the team have met various challenges in communicating concepts like smart optimizations and AI algorithms in a simple and easy way. She will share some of the UX process and some practical tips that they used to reach their business goals.

Kester Thompson / Head of UX Writers at Wix.com 
Kester has been at Wix for 5 years and is the Head of the UX Writing team. Kester will discuss how UX writers at Wix approach their work, and their methodology. UX writers and designers work closely together at Wix. Writers don't come in at the end of the process to tidy things up - they're an essential part of creating a product and its user experience. Without text there is no design and no product, and at Wix, that thing we call UX means design and content working hand in hand.

The Story of Prototyping: The Vital Step in Making Your Idea Come to Life

Shahar Mor / Head of UX Prototyping at Wix.com
In the past 3 years, Shahar has been the pioneer of code-based prototyping at Wix, and has established the prototyping team.
Throughout history, inventions have pushed humanity to new heights - we reached the moon, we made our lives easier with home electronics, and we’ve gotten used to having face-to-face video calls with our peers around the globe. All products have an idea and a prototype in common. They’re what bring an invention from concept to creation. While in manufacturing, drawing a detailed sketch and creating a model before building an item are obvious steps to take, in the software world we sometimes forget how important and necessary it is to do the same thing. In this talk, Shahar will walk us through the world of prototyping, with real-life examples and success stories.

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April 21st,  19:00 (GMT+2) ,  Zoom Webinar